CTC Sponsor - XOLK Terrain from Laval Quebec

Posted by Joseph Miedema on

The Canadian Tabletop Championship (CTC) is proudly sponsored and supported by XOLK, a long time Canadian owned business supporting model makers and gamers with high quality and innovative tabletop gaming terrain and accessories

Since September 2018 XOLK has been working closely with Extreme Tabletop Gaming (ETTG) to deliver on the ambitious goal of the #100tablechallenge for the CTC gaming convention.  This partnership has included the expansion to the XOLK Iron City terrain line to include a large custom centerpiece building. Together the XOLK Terrain will account for 25% of all tables of terrain that will be cut, assembled, painted and available at the CTC!

We are very thankful for the amazing sponsorship that XOLK has offered the CTC through ETTG and we are looking forward to having them attend our gaming convention as a vendor and partner. Check out the massive online terrain collections and also onsite during the CTC gaming convention!

XOLK terrain is based out of Laval Quebec and their website is here and their FaceBook site is here.

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