CTC Sponsor - Warsmith Paint Studio - Ottawa, Ontario

Posted by Joseph Miedema on

The Canadian Tabletop Championship gaming convention is very thankful for the excellent relationship we have developed with Warsmith Paint Studio out of Ottawa Ontario.

Earlier in the fall Warsmith Paint Studio took on the task of joining forces with Extreme Tabletop Gaming and friends to complete the #100tablechallenge for our gaming convention this 3-5 May 2019. Warsmith Paint Studio will have painted 40% of all terrain that you see at the CTC this year and we could not be happier with their commitment, dedication, and talents.

From Warsmith Paint Studio: Our goal is to provide well painted miniatures to our clients so they can spend less time painting and more time playing tabletop miniature and role playing games.

Warsmith Paint Studio is based out of Ottawa Ontario and their  Face Book site is here.


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