CTC Partner: NEXA Terrain

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The Canadian Tabletop Championship gaming convention is proudly partnered with NEXA Terrain, an up and coming one stop business for design, development, and manufacturing of tabletop gaming terrain.

For the last three years NEXA Terrain has been working with the local Ottawa gaming community including the RTTR Gaming Club to develop a quality yet affordable set of terrain. The release of their gaming terrain includes an amazing set of 14 buildings which is great for a 6'x4' Warhammer 40k or 4'x4' Infinity game and more.

Their current product range expands on this foundation with the addition of scatter terrain, ladders, bridges, walls, obstacles and much more! Come check out their booth at the CTC gaming convention where they will be showcasing their entire product range!

NEXA Terrain has been working closely with Extreme Tabletop Gaming (ETTG) to further develop and build tables of terrain for the CTC. Overall NEXA Terrain will account for 30% of all terrain that was designed, cut, built and painted at the CTC this year!

We are thankful for the amazing partnership that the CTC has had with NEXA and how great they have been to work with as a Partner to turn a dream into a reality this May 2019.

NEXA Facebook page is available HERE.

NEXA sales and product information is available HERE.

NEXA Terrain is owned by Ben Gatien and located in Navan, Ontario. To contact Ben directly please email him at info@bengatien.com


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