CTC The Meat Grinder Event

CTC The Meat Grinder Event

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The famous Meat Grinder from Adepticon will be at the Canadian Tabletop Championship Gaming Convention, offered by the guys from the Out Of The Basement Podcast!  This year the CTC will be held in Ottawa Ontario at the Rideau Curling Club between 24-26 May 2024!  

The Meat Grinder is a free* to play event with any of the Championship Events.

*(we will be asking for donations towards the recognized charity at this year’s CTCon)

Key information regarding the CTC Meat Grinder:

  • Tournament Organizer: Out Of The Basement Podcast
  • Event questions please email OOTBPod
  • This will be played when there are 4 or more players available
  • We are planning at least 2 events Friday evening at the CTC Gaming and Social Night, with more on Saturday
  • Available to anyone with General Admission ticket or any event ticket
  • Miniatures MUST be plastic or resin!
  • All event ticket sales are subject to our CTC Rules and Policies as outlined HERE

We look forward to seeing you with your friends and family at Canada's Tabletop Convention this May 2024!